Fiberglass Fire Blanket
Fiberglass Fire Blanket


Tenglong fiberglass fire blanket is a highly effective fire suppression product for extinguishing fires.
Fiberglass fire blanked is ideal for consumer use in kitchens or automobiles, or for commercial use in factories, ships, commercial buildings, hotels, and other places where small fires are common.

Simple to use
Flame resistant fabric with good drapeability
Fitted with flame proof handles
Standards: EN1869:1997; AS/NZ3504


Property Description Value and Tolerance
English Metric
Weave Type Twill - -
Warp Count - 45per inch 18per cm
Weft Count - 33per inch 13per cm
Temperature Max 1000 550
Elongation - 4% 4%
Warp Breaking Strength - 666lbs/inch 6000N/5cm
Weft Breaking Strength - 500lbs/inch 4500N/5cm
Weight - 12.5oz/yd2 430g/m2
Thickness - 0.0145inch 0.43mm
Size - 3×3ft, 4×4ft, 4×5ft, 5×5ft, 4×6ft, 6×6ft 1.0×1.0m, 1.2×1.2m,
1.2×1.5m, 1.5×1.5m,
1.2×1.8m, 1.8×1.8m
Package PVC Box
- -

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