texturized fiberglass glass yarn
texturized fiberglass glass yarn


1.Textured fiberglass yarn is manufactured by E-glass fiber filament yarn or C-glass fiber filament yarn. 
2.Textured fiberglass yarn is widely used in the production of fiberglass fabrics as well as electrical wrapping materials, engineering materials, textured yarn, woven electronic grade fabric and so on. 
3.The individual requirements of any fabric could be satisfied by adjusting filament diameter, tex number, yarn twists and number of filled yarn as well.


High tensile breaking strength, low fuzz 
Even linear density, good workability 
Excellent electric insulation performance

Glass Type Data

BitmapB/itmap E-Glass C-Glass
Chemical Composition SiO2   52-56% 64-68%
CaO 16-25% 11-15%
Al2O3 12-16% 3-5%
MgO 0-5% 4-6%
B2O3 5-10% 0-6%
Chemical Resistance-14mm fiber; % weight loss after 1 hr boil in H2O 1.7 0.13
1.04 N NH2SO4 48.2 0.1
0.1 N  NaOH 9.7 2.28
Temperature Softening Point  840/1545 748/1380
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion-in/in/ °F x 10-7 2/29 5/40
Specific Gravity (bare fiber)  2.52-2.61 2.49
Pristine Tensile Strength, psi 500,000 400,000
Dielectric Constant, 72 °F, 106 Hz  6.1-6.7 6.24

3600ETK 3600ETC 3600CTK 3600CTC
Glass Type E-Glass C-Glass
Colour White
Processing type K-Style C-Style K-Style C-Style
Fiber diameter 6,9,11Micron 11Micron
Yarn Diameter 400Tex+/-30
Water Content 0.10% 0.20%
LOI ≤15%
Thermal Conductivity <0.035k/m.hr.Co 
Tensile Strength ≥ 52
Breaking Strength 60-1000

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