Silicone Fiberglass Rope
Silicone Fiberglass Rope


Tenglong silicone coated fiberglass rope is fabricated braided type E fiberglass and then coated with a high grade high-temperature silicone rubber. This high-temperature rope is most often used as a seal where a high degree of air or gas or liquid tightness is required.  The product is an ideal gasket where you require thermal performance plus resistance to wear and exposures.

Excellent Insulating Properties
Protects Equipment in Welding Applications

E-Glass Property

Description E GLASS is a glass with a very low alkaline content.
Composition SiO2 52-62%
Alkaline Oxides
(Na2O, K2O)
< 2%
Alkaline earth oxides
(CaO, MgO)
B2O3 0-10%
Al2O3 11-16%
TiO2 0-3%
Fe2O3 0-1%
HF 0-2%

Property Description Value
English Metric
Material E-Glass Fiber - -
Cross Section Round, Square - -
Coating Silicone - -
Continuous Operating Temperature - 500°F 260°C
Max Short
Term Exposure
- 3000°F 1650°C
Flame Resistance Excellent - -
Abrasion Resistance Excellent - -
Durability Good - -
Flexibility Excellent - -
Water and Oil
Excellent - -
Diameter - 0.2×0.2in up to 2×2in 4×4mm up to 50×50mm

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