Texurized Fiberglass Rope
Texurized Fiberglass Rope


.Texturized fiberglass rope is made of continuous filament texturized C or E glass yarns and is extremely strong, resilient, and flexible. 2.Texturized fiberglass rope are intended for high-temperature applications up to 1000ºF.
3.Texturized fiberglass rope consists of a fiberglass yarn core with a fiberglass braided jacket to form an exact diameter for controlled compression seals. Fiberglass rope is manufactured in both dense and soft.
4.Texturized fiberglass rope can be round or square depending on the customer's need.

Resists abrasion

Resists most acids and alkalis
Strong and durable
Not affected by solvents or bleaches

Glass Type Data

BitmapB/itmap E-Glass C-Glass
Chemical Composition SiO2 52-56% 64-68%
CaO 16-25% 11-15%
Al2O3 12-16% 3-5%
MgO 0-5% 4-6%
B2O3 5-10% 0-6%
Chemical Resistance-14mm fiber; % weight loss after 1 hr boil in H2O 1.7 0.13
1.04 N NH2SO4 48.2 0.1
0.1 N  NaOH 9.7 2.28
Temperature Softening Point 840/1545 748/1380
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion-in/in/ °F x 10-7 2/29 5/40
Specific Gravity (bare fiber) 2.52-2.61 2.49
Pristine Tensile Strength, psi 500,000 400,000
Dielectric Constant, 72 °F, 106 Hz 6.1-6.7 6.24


BitmapBitmap Fiberglass Square Rope Fiberglass Round Rope
Style No. 3100S 3400S 3200R 3500R
Glass Type C-Glass E-Glass C-Glass E-Glass
Cross Section Square Square Round Round
Fiber Diameter 6-9 microns
Fiber Length Continuous Filament
Breaking Elongation 4.81% Std.  4.81% Wet
Tensile Strength 3093 - 3438 N/mm2
Elastic Recovery 100%
Thickness English 0.1181inch to 3.9370inch
Metric 3mm to 100mm
Density English 74.88lb/ft3
Metric 1.2g/cm3

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