Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabrics
Heat Treated Fiberglass Fabrics


Heat treated fiberglass fabrics HT800 heat treated fiberglass fabrics pass through a oven with high temperature in order to burn off the sizing and other organic elements in the cloth.
Heat treated fiberglass fabrics can withstand continuous temperatures up to 1200°F (650ºC) while maintaining good strength and flexibility.

High product value
Remains flexible at high temperatures
Maintains high tensile strength at elevated  temperatures.

HT800 Specification
Property Description Valvue
English Metric
Weave Style Satin - -
Thickness - 0.03inch 0.8mm
Weight - 26oz/yd2 880g/m2
Widths - 40-60inch 1-1.5m
Warp, Ends - 46inch 1m
Fill, Ends - 35inch 0.9m
Tensile Strength, Initial Warp 630ibs/in 112.6kg/cm
Fill 490ibs/in 87.4kg/cm
After 3 Hours at 1300ºF (700ºC) Warp 360ibs/in 64.2kg/cm
Fill 240ibs/in 42.9kg/cm
Temperature Resistance Maximum Continuously 1022 550 °C
Thermal Conductivity - 0.09w/m-k
Elongation - 80%