Filament Fiberglass Fabrics
Filament Fiberglass Fabrics


Tenglong  fiberglass fabrics are made of continuous fiberglass yarns, therefore it can be produced in many different kinds of weaving structure, and the surface of this fabrics appear very smooth and shiny. This kind of fabrics have the same properties of texturized fiberglass fabrics, it is a ideal fabric for electric insulation, heat insulation, fire protection, reinforced materials, filter materials, painting cloth, and coating fabrics etc.

Stable structure
Corrosion- resistant
Thermal insulation
High strength
Base material for coating, impregnating and laminating

Main Specification

Style No. Weave Weight (±5%) Thickness Temperature
g/m2 oz/yd2 mm inch
7628 plain 200 6 0.2 0.008 550/1000
3732 4HSatin 430 12.5 0.43 0.015 550/1000
3784 8HSatin 880 26 0.8 0.03 550/1000