Texturized Fiberglass Cloth
Texturized Fiberglass Cloth


Texturized Fiberglass Cloth is made by texturized yarn with high temperature resistance, high strength after puffing process .Texturized Fiberglass Cloth is a new type of fabric developed on the basis of continuous glass fiber filter cloth. Due to the yarn is fluffy and have good air permeability, which can improve the filtering efficiency, reduce the filtration resistance, higher dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99.5%.

Corrosion resistance
Electrical insulation
High strength
Base material for coating, impregnating and laminating
Flexible, can be wrapped around complex shapes

All types of thermal insulation and heat protection
Welding blankets and fire curtains
Expansion joints
Basic cloth for coatings and laminations

Application Data
Property Description Value and Tolerance
English Metric
Warp 200-400ibs/in
min. avg.
min. avg.
Fill 100-200ibs/in
min. avg.
min. avg.
Warp 50ibs min. avg 8.75n/mm
min. avg.
Fill 25ilbs min. avg 4.375n/mm
min. avg.
Flame Resistance Flame Out(SEC) 1second
Afterglow(SEC) 2.5second
Char Length
0.3max. avg
Burst Strength - 200ibs/in2 min. avg 14.0618kg/cm2
min. avg
Hydrostatic Resistance - 200ibs/in2 min. avg 14.0618kg/cm2
min. avg

BitmapB/itmap 3800-08 3800-10 3800-15 3800-20 3800-30
Weight English 18 oz/y2 24 oz/y2 30 oz/y2 36 oz/y2 52 oz/y2
Metric 650 g/m2 800 g/m2 1000 g/m2 1250 g/m2 1800 g/m2
Thickness English 0.03 inch 0.04 inch 0.06 inch 0.08 inch 0.1 inch
Metric 0.8 mm 1 mm 1.5 mm 2 mm 3 mm
Width English 40-70 inch 40-78 inch 40-78 inch 40-78 inch 40-78 inch
Metric 1-1.8 m 1-2 m 1-2 m 1-2 m 1-2 m
Temperature English 550
Metric 1000
Weave Plain
Coating & Treatment Aluminum Foil, Vermiculite, Graphite, PU, PVC, Silicone and Heat Treated
Color Yellow, Black, Red, Golden

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