.ceramic fiber tap out cone
.ceramic fiber tap out cone


Vacuum formed cones are made from ceramic fiber, with smooth surface, precise dimensions and the right hardness for the application. It is widely used for insulation in aluminium smelting furnace, finery, static furnace and furnace outlet, making the aluminium and aluminium alloy casting process more convenient, more reliable and much safer.

1. Good thermal shock resistance.
2. Low thermal mass.
3. Non-wetting.
4. Low smoking.
5. Good insulating properties.
6. High strength.
7. Low thermal conductivity.
We can produce different sizes according to the customer's requirement.

Classification Temp. 1260°C
Working Temp. 1100°C
Density kg/M3 260-400
Permanent Linear Shrinkage (%) ≤4% (1200°C*24hr)
Compress Strength (MPa) ≥0.5
Chemical AL2O3 42
Components AL2O3+SiO2 98
% Fe2O3 0.5
Thermal Conductivity  W/(M.K) 0.16(at 600°C);0.23(at 800°C);0.33(at 1000°C)