ceramic fiber yarn
ceramic fiber yarn


1.Tenglong ceramic fiber yarn is manufactured from high quality alumina-silica ceramic fiber and  it has been twisted to give it tensile strength.
2.Ceramic fiber yarn is available as E-glass or stainless steel wire reinforced yarn from 425 tex to 2500 tex in single, two or three plies.
3.Ceramic fiber yarn can be woven, plaited into numerous forms of products which are strong, chemically stable and exhibit superior thermal properties, ideal for most industrial high temperature applications.

Low thermal conductivity
Excellent dimensional stability
High tensile strength & deformation-resistance
Excellent thermal shock resistance

High temperature gaskets                         
Making cloth, tape, rope, etc 
Sewing thread for high temperature textiles

Reinforcement Property
BitmapB/itmap Ceramic  Fiber Yarn With Fiber Glass Reinforced Ceramic Fiber Yarn With Metal Reinforced
TENGLONG style 4300 4300-INC
Reinforced Material Glass Filament Stainless Steel
English 2300 2300
Metric 1260 1260
Maximum Operating Temperature English 932-1112 1832
Metric 500-600 1000
High-temperature Loss on Lgnition 15-25% 10-20%
Chemical Stability Good Good
Electrical Insualtion Property Better Good
Strength Good Better

BitmapB/itmap 4300 4300-INC
Reinforced Material Glass Filament Stainless Steel
Colour White
Fiber diameter 2-4um
Fiber Length 100-200mm
Thinckess 425tex to 2500tex in single, two or three plies
Density  English 18.75-43.75ib/ft3
Metric 300-700kg/m3
Al2O3+SiO2 ≥97%
Al2O3 ≥48%
Fe2O3 ≤1.1%
Water Content ≤1
Organics Content ≤15
Thermal Conductivity 300/572 0.12~0.13w/m.k
600/1112 0.13~0.16w/m.k
1000/1832 0.17~0.20w/m.k
Heating Liner Shringkage ≤3.5(1000×3h)
Acid-resistance &
10% NaOH After 72 hours 50%
10% N2SO4 After 72 hours 50%
Package:  1.25kg/roll, 24rolls/ctn; or 1.25/kg/roll, 40rolls/plastic woven bag
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